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Guidelines & FAQs

Here you can find the Streaming for Starship guidelines and get answers to our most commonly asked questions about streaming and fundraising.

Who can get involved in the campaign?

Anyone aged 13 or over.

What does taking part look like?

Each year the Starship Foundation hosts a Streaming for Starship month, during which, streamers, gamers, artists, influencers and more stream content on their Twitch channel to raise funds for Starship kids.


Charity streams are a way for you to help Starship provide New Zealand's children with better health and brighter futures. They are also a great opportunity to engage, connect and build your community with a shared passion.

What can I do to raise funds?


We encourage you to be creative and run your streams how it best suits you and your community. 


Tiltify comes with some super cool fundraising tools in the form of milestones and incentives to encourage your audience to donate. Check out how to use these in our how-to guide here

Tiltify has a great guide on best practices for pre and post-stream here.

Here are some examples our streaming community have done: 

  • Each stream throughout the month of June is dedicated to raising awareness and funds 

  • 24-hour and 100-hour straight streamathons

  • One weekend or event date where you stream special content, giveaways or incentives

Can I stream outside the Streaming for Starship campaign period?

Yes! We understand a June fundraiser may not work for you, which is totally fine. The campaign is open year-round, so you can stream at the time that best suits you and your audience. If you have a specific date or event in mind and you'd love to chat more about it, please email so we can assist.

What platform can I stream on?

Our fundraising platform, Tiltify, has a great interactive extension which is compatible with Twitch, and therefore Twitch is our top recommendation. However, you can also set up a Tiltify page and post the link on other social pages when streaming from Facebook, Youtube and any other platforms you may choose. 

Do I have to play games?

Nope – you can stream whatever you like. Build a block tower, bake a cake, do an can stream just about anything, as long as you’re raising funds for Starship! Just make sure you’ve set up a streaming page, and spread the word to your friends!

What can I do during my stream?

Be creative, and have fun! We encourage you to do quirky, memorable things that will engage your audience. 


That said, there are a few rules:  

  • No profane, sexually explicit, degrading, hateful, bigoted or excessively violent language or visuals 

  • No encouragement of risky, violent, or otherwise inappropriate conduct  

  • No streaming while intoxicated  

  • No illegal drugs or paraphernalia 

How can people donate during my stream?

Check out our fundraising Quick Start Guide to see how it works. Our Tiltify page is the simplest way to get your fundraising efforts off the ground! 


If you receive cash, please donate it digitally via direct debit, or yourself via your own fundraising page. If you can, please include the name and contact details of the donor so we can send them a receipt for their donation. 

Where do the funds go?

All funds go to the Starship Foundation and will be directed to our area of greatest need.
See our impact report to learn where your money goes.

Can my team stream toward a common goal?

Yes! We encourage it. When setting up your Tiltify campaign, select team, rather than individual. Here is a quick start guide

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, to the extent allowed by New Zealand law. We can send a receipt directly to the donor for every donation, and they can use these for tax purposes. These are not done automatically, and will need to be requested at, and the email address used when donating will need to be provided. Do note that the name you choose to donate under when submitting on Tiltify will be the name on the donation receipt. 

If I collect a percentage of sale from a product or service for this campaign, how should I process it?

Transmit any funds collected to the Starship Foundation within 30 days of the close of your activation. 


You can make the donation through our donation page online, or via direct debit. Details are as follows: 

Name: Starship Foundation 
Bank account number: 12 3011 0820075 00. 

Please include your name and the word ‘streamer’ in the reference fields. 

I have an item(s) I'd like to donate to Starship. How do I do that?

Please email for more information.

Streaming and Content Disclaimer

The views, opinions, and language expressed by individual streamers are theirs alone, and do not present the views, opinions, or language endorsed by the Starship Foundation.


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Thanks for submitting!

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