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Follow these step by step instructions to get your fundraising campaign started!

Let's Get Started!

  1.  Go to and click 'Start Fundraising'.

  2.  If you don't already have a Tiltify account, create one by scrolling down to the ‘create account’ link. 

  3.  Name your campaign, and tell people what you’ll be streaming and why.

  4.  Select ‘Twitch’ as your streaming platform and pop your twitch username in the field provided. You can quickly set up a Twitch account here if you don’t have one already, by clicking ‘Sign up’. 

  5.  Copy and paste this video URL to show people an example of what their support funds:

  6.  Follow the steps to complete your page until you reach the Campaign Dashboard. This is where the magic happens! Tiltify has a really thorough guide explaining how you can use this. 

Downloadable Resources

Here you can download assets for your stream. These include overlays, alerts, and other graphics.

Milestones and Incentives
Milestones and incentives are available for you to set on your Tiltify campaign page. These offer a fun way to engage with your community and encourage donations. Campaigns that have milestones and incentives raise nearly 3 x as much!

Milestones: These are markers along the way to your overall goal. For example at 50% through you might set a milestone to sing karaoke live on stream. 

Incentives: These are a great way to encourage your community to donate. Incentives include polls, targets and rewards.

Polls: These use your community's donation as a vote. For example, you may decide to let your community make you a pizza that you will consume at the end of your campaign. Now for every vote in the poll, that donor gets to vote on what topping they would like. This also works for choosing the next game you stream, or sports team colours you will dress up in.  

Targets: Like milestones, targets allow you to choose a specific donation marker, but targets allow you to add in a timeframe to reach this. For example; if we raise $500 in the next two hours, I will dye my hair blue.

Rewards: These are incentives that you can provide (virtually and physically) to your community when they donate a specific amount. For example; if you donate $100 I will send you a handwritten thank-you note. Or if you donate $5 I will do a 1-minute dance dedicate to you.

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